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In today’s competitive marketplace, when it comes to information, people expect nothing less than precision. When it derails a night out or delays an important purchase, misinformation can turn a loyal customer into a hater 4 life. But precision can be elusive when information about your brand appears in so many discrete destinations.


What if you could not only ensure that info is consistent and up-to-date, but also utilize every place your brand appears online — even places you don’t own — to create new opportunities for marketing and customer engagement?

Analyze, identify, and control existing listings of your locations through our unique publisher network, so all of your content is locked, synced, and updatable across every digital channel.

Benefits of Marvell Listings

Get Social, Get Local Get Customers
Customer expectation to find accurate and timely information is at its all-time high. The window of opportunity for you as a business owner is slim because you only get to make a good first impression once. The marketplace is very competitive; therefore maintaining a competitive edge is crucial. Our web listing service can help you promote your business and share pertinent information across more than 50 social media platform. Empower the customer to make a smart decision by choosing your product and services.
Your social media strategy start now by allowing us keep sharing good information to clients across 50 plus social media platform.


Listings Match

Automatically scan, locate, and control existing listings on every publisher network so your business is always buttoned up.


Proprietary two-way API integrations with publisher databases sync your latest content and notify you on the status
of listings.

Real-Time Updates & Reporting

Update content instantly across fields and publishers. See your results in real-time to turn clear insights into
actionable results

Duplicate Suppression

Deactivate duplicate listings from the network, so only the listings you want are public.

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