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It took radio 38 years to reach 50 million users; Facebook added over 200 million users in less than a year. (Source: IACP)


44 percent of users on Twitter have never sent a tweet. (Source: Social Times)


In the first 24 hours after launching its video-sharing capabilities, Instagram users uploaded 5 million videos. (Source: IACP)


Word of Mouth

90% of consumers trust peer recommendations; only 14% trust advertisements. (Source:Socialnomics)

Social Media Marketing

Today, most companies use social media marketing to generate and distribute news or information via social networking sites like Facebook, Google+ and others.

All The Right Things

Get social now. With new social sites popping up daily, it’s hard to know what social media platform that fits your business. Therefore let our social media marketing experts create a marketing campaign that suites your needs and handle the work for you. Our goal is to engage your cohorts and audience while helping them make smart purchase decision.

Choosing The Right Platform

Social media is more than just Facebook or Twitter. Instagram, Google Plus, YouTube, Pinterest and LinkedIn are also viable, highly visited sites full of potential customers. Determine where your target audience is most active and plan your communication strategy accordingly. Don’t simply auto-post the same message to each platform, either. Vary the content and context to match the appropriate outlet.

How to choose the Right Social Network


Ask yourself ? Does it make sense for my content? Do potential fans spend time there? Do i have the time and understanding to utilize a network to get the most out of it? Sure Facebook has 1 Billion active users, but will more users mean  more competition or more attention.  Demographically are your customers on one network more than another.  These are tough questions to answer, and research to be done.  We at Marvell Media group are  active and understand Social Media site and how they behave.  We know that if you can deal with the competition join Facebook, want to address a younger tech savvy crowd, Twitter it is.  If business is your game Linkedin is right up your alley.  Visually intensive content Pinterest & Instagram is the way to go. Need to be SEO friendly with the worlds largest search engine join Google plus.  That’s just summing things up briefly, we can study the numbers, check for your audience, and see where to best reach your customers.

Opening up to your Mobile audience


Users are spending more and more time accessing social networks from mobile devices compared to desktops.  How much more? Pinterest users are 92% mobile; Twitter users are 86% mobile; Facebook is 68% mobile; and Tumblr is 46% mobile.  Given those numbers, it’s imperative that companies recognize the importance of delivering social media messaging that caters to and targets mobile device audience.

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