Web Design & Development

Our approach to web design is simple. We know that every project is unique; therefore our goal is to have a thorough understand of exactly what our clients are looking for so we can come up with the best ideas and solutions possible. We expect complete collaboration from our clients so we can exceed their expectations.

Ease Of Use

Ease of use is the number one function that a website should present to its users. A website should be design with the customer in mind. At Marvell we focus on creating the best experience for the end user or customer. Our approach to web design embodies these core elements which is to engage, create efficiency which leads to potential sales.


Visuals is everything in today’s business people want to see the best and the latest tools available to them. At Marvell, we  understand what the customers are looking; therefore  our ultimate goals is help you create a visually stunning. Our mission is to guide your potential customers to a place where they discover the benefits of your brand, products, and services.



The ultimate purpose of a website is to convey real time information as well as convert visitor into customers. At Marvell we take pride in formulating clear and consistent content that drives the customer closer to your product or services. Our concept keeps customer returning to your site and turn them into loyal customers.


Search Engine Optimization is a very key element when building a strong website. Our team at Marvell understand the importance of making sure that your website is properly listed across the web. Therefore, we use the correct HTML Tags for your websites. In addition, we use structure data markup as prescribe by Google to make sure your content appears properly in search results.

Website Management

Customers today want timely information; therefore you cannot afford to not have a running website. With our full services management we can help you eliminate downtime and  assure business continuity. Leave it to the experts #AskMarvell we can help.

Bill Gates wasn't kidding when he said

“If your business is not on the internet , then your business will be out of business”

Bill Gates , Founder of Microsoft

We’ve Got Your Back, and Front End Covered

We design, create, and modify Web sites.   Whether you supply your own content or we develop it for you.   We will bring your ideas to fruition and on the internet for the world to see.


With years of experience we have built many Hypertext Markup Language sites; however we have seen a major shift to Content Management System. Should a client want and HTML site or CMS we can help. In addition, we can code in HTML and make the site fully CMS integrated. Whether you have a preference or not, the main goal for us is to match our level of expertise with your needs.

No Outsourcing

Outsourcing is popular and cost effective approach to getting skilled and labor intensive projects done.  However this comes with some downsides;  problems with communication, quality issues, which can cause delays in completion of a project.  Not to mention Security and privacy leaks, which makes dealing with a local company that does in house work a great alternative.

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