For Years I have watched small business break basic business rules such as not having a website, lacking a clear understanding of their core business values, or failing to brand or rebrand the right way. I have also heard why should we have rules if we can’t break them? Well that statement is becoming more and more irrelevant because the road to success in this new entrepreneurial age requires discipline. In fact, it forces small businesses owners to operate with understanding, integrity, and consistency.  Those foundational pillars are critical for business sustainability, and are often used by successful brands who understand how critical brand or rebranding is.

Your competitor never sleeps

Your brand represents the personality of your organization. Changes in the global market are key business indicators that your attitude, your behavior must shift towards innovation because failing to change will affect the longevity of your business. To remain a market leader, assessing the current states of the business environment can help you maintain the competitive edge in that market. To succeed at conveying a much needed message about your brand you must plan, prioritize, and perform because your competitors almost never fails to do so.

Rebranding is a sign of Growth

Companies would love the day that data shows that the market comprise of only early adopters. However it is not so which means that marketing managers must work tirelessly now to make sure that their organization remains relevant. The best ways to show a sign of growth is by rebranding and also by showing your target market that you understand their current needs. Creating a uniform message and prestige helps consumers differentiate why your products is worth raving about. This gives you an opportunity to stands out amongst millions of other business fighting for the same clients. Having a clear and concise message can affect your organization internally as well as externally. In fact, the idea of something new always brings attention and fresh perspective.


It doesn’t matter what industry or vertical market that you are in embracing innovation sets your apart from your competitor by setting you on the path to constant business growth. For instance, in the tech world changes happen so fast where there isn’t any other option but to embrace it; however more traditional organization feels that they can get away with it. Instead there are missing the point by not using constant change as an opportunity to establish their business as an organization that is relevant, engaging and, accessible. It is important to rebrand effectively because that allows your audience to know that you are active and that you have not fallen behind to those competitor who are being proactive by creating constant visibility.

Long-Term Growth is far more attainable

As a business grows the leaders of that organization must constantly look into revitalizing the brand to essentially reflect the level or growth that they have attained over that period of time. This is simply called staying ahead of the game by creating a new value proposition to keep current customers engaged while attracting new potential clients. This is also an opportunity to outline your level of expertise in that market by positioning your product and service among the industries best. New market entries can be a daunting task therefore, rebranding allow you to evaluate your strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat in the market you operate in. In fact, this assessment helps you uncover new strategies that allow you to gain more market share.

Empower your Employees

Rebranding is simply giving your organization a brand new look. It helps established how your firm is perceived now as well as the future. Rebranding, allows you to set new rules and new vision for your organization which also makes it easier to involve your team to buy into this new idea, this positive business culture, as well as the mission. It can give your team a sense of pride and empowerment about the whole organization from the executive down to the janitorial staff.

Overall, the benefits of rebranding and seeking change are far greater than staying stagnant and not applying basic business rules that guarantees success. It requires discipline to have a successful business; therefore doing the simple things such as understanding the competitive landscape, seeking growth, embrace technology, thinking long term, and empowering your team members are crucial. Moreover, it can be done because brand like Starbucks have done it over and over for years.


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