Mobile responsive sites

The way businesses communicate with customers has changed. Just having a website is not enough to survive in this volatile and competitive market. According to Google, mobile browsing has surpassed desktop browsing which means that having a mobile ready website is the best way for you to capture the interest of any prospect that is using a mobile device such as an Iphone, Android, Blackberry or a Windows Phone. At Marvell we build responsive website that are easily adaptable to a mobile browser. There is no need to create a separate mobile outlet for your company when you can create one websites that encompasses all. Having a mobile ready and responsive website can be the difference between growing your business or watch your competitors grow while capitalizing on your inability to communicate effectively with customers. Failure to have a well design sight can lead to customer frustrations, bad online reviews. Customers want information fast; therefore your website should be easy to navigate, lay out your services concisely, and contain reach content. Overall strong customer reach, constant visits manageable updates, and cost effectiveness are four key benefits you can expect when you have a mobile ready website.

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